EF Xi'an 80s Pub Quiz

EF Xian schools came out in force recently to challenge one another in a battle of the brains.

Staff were asked to board the delorian and take a step back in time (long before some were even born!) to see how much they could remember of that outrageously entertaining and simply bizarre decade known as the 1980s.

With Madonna blasted from the DJ booth and cries of “Who ya gonna call?”, a good night was had by all. That was, until the result came in and to everyone’s dismay the EF Confucius Trophy would be heading back to school 3 (boy, those guys know a lot of useless stuff!)

Thank you to all that came and for helping us to raise over 1500元 for the Xian Animal Protection Shelter!

See you all at Xmas! 🎅