EF Xi'an Hi-Yo Sports Day

All cross-city allegiances and friendships were put on hold during the EF Xi’an inter-school Hi-Yo Sports Day last week - with HQ and EF1 controversially taking home the team awards.

All teachers and staff came together to test themselves in the grueling Xi’an sun, with long jump, skipping, sit-ups, relay race and a cheerleading competition all on the menu.

After months of fasting, Sandy Harrison said of his preparation for the two minute sit-up challenge: “It was tough. I don’t think I got my diet quite right. Who knew sitting in front of the TV for 6 months eating Doritos wasn’t enough preparation for a sports day?”

The announcement of the team awards going to HQ team (who in fact arranged the sports day) and EF1 was met with a stunned silence from all involved with participants demanding a recount. Alex Boel, of EF1 said: “I don’t know why the other schools got so angry. It’s quite clear. We gave money to the event managers and in return were given a team award. What’s wrong with that?”

About HQs team award, HQ team leader Jane Gu said: “Is it suspicious that the event arrangers took home the team award? Absolutely not. Not at all. Nope. Why would that be suspicious? It’s very unsuspicious if anything. I mean, were we the ones that collected and counted the points? Yes. So I can personally vouch for the integrity of the result… the extremely not suspicious result.”

EF1 have been challenged to retain their championship medal next Spring, plenty of time for Mr Harrison to adjust his diet and training regime; rumours are it will involve repeatedly picking up food off the floor, pushing around a baby buggy and waking up in the middle of the night for extra workouts.

Congratulations to all those who took home awards and thank you to those who helped to arrange the day!