Xi'an in Pictures (by David Sidoux)

Hi there,

My name is David. I’ve been living here in Xi’an for about 5 years. I currently work at school 3 located near the Jiao Da University campus. I’ve been into photography for a few years and it’s something I like doing during my time off.

I enjoy walking around Xi’an during my days off; it’s also easy to find parts of the city that are full of charm.

I mainly enjoy taking pictures of people. There are many scenes in Xi’an that I think are worth taking in photo and that depict a more personal side to the city and to life in China in general. There are often people playing board games in the parks, people sleeping (everywhere), children playing and people dancing or singing. It certainly adds to the charm of the city which is something that can be easily overlooked.

I hope that despite modernization, Xi’an will keep these scenes, which I believe are the reason I’ve been here for so many years.